September 8, 2020

GeoFencing & Beacons

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Drive customer engagement, increase sales, build loyalty through personalized, location-based notifications. Bring the richest possible customer experience into your brick-and-mortar store.

Acquire More Customers: Send discount coupons, special offers and other notifications to shoppers outside your store.

Build Customer Loyalty: Offer targeted promotions to loyal customers based off past purchases and personal preferences.

Serve Customers Better: Enable in-store navigation, on-demand sales support, and contactless in-app payments.

Our BP360 Virtual Business App

Our virtual business apps have all the features to allow your customers to understand your business, your products, and your services. When a person visits your website from their mobile phone, they will be redirected to a beautiful, easy to use, and mobile-friendly web app. Allow your customers to easily call you, email you, text message you, see all your locations, view maps, get directions, view photos, purchase your products, access your Facebook page and Twitter feed, rate your business, and much more.

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Virtual Business App

Our virtual business app features to assist your customers in understanding your business, products, and services. When a person visits your website from their mobile phone, they will be redirected to a beautiful, easy-to-use, and mobile-friendly web app. This allows your customers to easily call, email, text or message you, see your locations, get directions, view maps and photos, purchase your products, access your Facebook page and Twitter feed, rate your business, and much more.


CLICK-TO-CALL: With the tap of a button on a Smartphone, a person can make an immediate connection with another person in real-time by phone.
CLICK-TO-TEXT: With just one click, a person doesn’t have to search for your number to send you a text message. Just Tap, Type and Send.
CLICK-TO-EMAIL: With a click of a button, a person can open a form and type an email that is disseminated, sent and received immediately. 
FACEBOOK SHARE: Allows you to share your virtual Business App on your Facebook Profile for all your Facebook connections to see.
SHARE VIRTUAL BUSINESS APP: Sharing the app is just a click away. Clicking on Share Virtual Business App allows you to use your phone’s messaging system to share your information with one person or your entire phone book.
Near Field Communications

These are high quality printed business cards that come integrated with digital technology. With an embedded NFC chip, your business card will trigger a digital action (like opening your website) when tapped against any NFC enabled device (these days, that’s almost all Smart-phones and tablets).

NFC (Near Field Communications)
Marketing Campaigns

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an exciting technology breathing life into marketing campaigns around the world. By linking the digital and physical worlds, NFC allows you to provide information about your products in real time to potential customers.

Below are a few examples of creative ways to use NFC Card:

Retail Shops

Mom and Pop Stores


Auto Mobile Dealers

Buy and Sell Off-Line – Coupons

Sports and Fitness, Health Products, and Stores

And More …


Remind people to tap the card to the back of their phone — no app required on Android phones. A free NFC reader app is required on iPhones.

Proximity Beacons

Proximity marketing beacons provide business owners a definite competitive advantage by providing a direct immediate connection to potential customers who are in close proximity of your store front, or even those who are already inside your store, office, or place of business. You have the ability to create real-time targeted ads and more for providing your existing customers, prospective customers, or clients with valuable information regarding special offers, sales or discounts, coupons, new products, notifications, general awareness, and much more.

Track and know where your consumers are right down to the inch by enabling beacons in your location(s). Beacons connect you to your customer’s shopping journey start to finish, beginning from
the moment they enter your location, until the time they leave.    

Plainly said, the Beacon Pro 360 is a proximity beacon which allows you to leave up to a 50-character message along with a website URL address on every Smart Phone that is Bluetooth® enabled within a 100-yard radius. Now anyone with a Beacon Pro 360 beacon in their possession will instantly become a walking billboard. This innovative ground-breaking technology is taking the masses by storm.

What Are Proximity Beacons?

As retailers and business owners are continually looking to have a genuine competitive edge, the use of proximity-based beacon marketing just makes perfect sense, providing so much value added in way of significant measurable profitability. Think of this as creating the ability for small- to medium-sized businesses to track digital data in real-time, turning impressive possibilities into tangible results.

Low Cost, High Value, Increased Profits

Beacon Pro 360 is excited to make the process of getting started with beacons mind-numbingly simple. No longer do you need to have the resources to develop your own app, nor be concerned that it’s too costly or complicated, or whether your visitors will use it frequently enough to justify using this technology at all. For starters, this technology is affordable: very minimal-cost hardware combined with a very small expenditure for installation as well as maintenance.

Marketing campaigns with beacons create unique, highly captivating high-tech in-store experiences for customers, while being practical, simple to use, affordable plus very efficient for business owners. Just think of all the possibilities: being able to engage customers where and when it matters the most, while gathering valuable insights and data on end-user activities, as well as overall performance and effectiveness of your campaigns.

We Make Proximity Marketing Simple for Everyone.

·        Works Right Out-of-the-Box
Get going in less than 15 minutes: zero configuration required!

·        Cloud Platform
Run proximity marketing campaigns seamlessly and monitor your beacon fleet centrally from the cloud dashboard.

·        Happy Customers
Join marketers and business owners in 40+ countries using Beacon Pro 360.

·        Fully Secure
Bulletproof beacons secured with encryption and hardware passwords.

·        Dedicated Support
Our technical support team is always available to help with your beacon questions.

Anyone Can Create a Beacon Proximity Marketing Campaign Within Just Minutes.

This is about leveraging Bluetooth® beacon-triggered messages to reach users with Nearby notifications turned on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Your first beacon marketing campaign is up and running within 15 minutes!

With your beacons arriving pre-configured, it takes you virtually no time at all to get started.

Implement beacon marketing campaigns from your online dashboard.
Create, manage, and monitor your beacon proximity marketing campaigns from a very user-friendly web-based dashboard.

Create highly engaging and richly enticing notifications for your proximity campaigns!

Our platform is built for ease-of-use and flexibility – cards, images, forms, videos, etc.

Even without an app, you can send Smartphone notifications!

Send to Android users beacon-triggered notifications without them having to install an app.

You Can Get Started Right Away.
Proximity Marketing with Beacons
Can Be Used for Any Type of Business.


Retail Stores, Pharmacies & Supermarkets

Connect with shoppers inside and within near proximity of your store using beacons for marketing: sending specials, promotions, coupons by connecting with your customers through wireless notifications.

Restaurants, Food Courts, Bars/Pubs & Delis

Using beacons to deliver more than just a highly unique experience to customers who walk in allows you to also track hourly statistics to adjust happy hours, specials, coupons, and promotions.

Shopping Malls, Museums, Stadiums, Airports, Hotels, Trade Shows + Theme and Amusement Parks

You can now provide fun, innovative interactive experiences to your guests and visitors utilizing proximity beacon marketing. Gather very specific data, such as peak hours, busiest times and customer favorites which then means you can provide optimal products, goods or services and laser-targeted resources to meet your customers’ needs and desires.

Automobile & Motorcycle Dealerships

Heighten your potential customers’ car purchasing experience, connecting wirelessly with your prospects as they stroll around your dealership’s showroom. Proximity beacons can be utilized to feature videos, reveal car specifications, and other high points without potential buyers feeling
pressured or that they are being “sold”.

Real Estate & Property Management

Beacons and proximity marketing allow you to have a true advantage and leverage in a highly competitive marketplace. Suddenly you are taking your business beyond the use of signs and billboards. Beacons provide instant connectivity with potential buyers through notifications being sent from you to their Smartphones or other mobile devices. What this means is that you are acquiring in real-time the highest quality targeted leads, for less cost, that provide far greater returns in way of sales conversions and referrals. This equates to a significant increase in your ROI from marketing, greatly improving your results and profits as an agent or broker.

Think of All the Possibilities!

  • Advertising
    Customize Offers and Messages
    Share Information
    Commercial Uses
    Help Customers Navigate + Enhance Their Interactive Experience
    Track & Monitor Your: Customers, Goods + Assets
    Secure Your Value and Assets
  • Indoor Navigation
    Indoor positioning using beacons falls into three distinct sections: many beacons per room, one beacon per room, and a few beacons per building. It should be pointed out, indoor navigation with Bluetooth technology is still in its infancy, but attempts have been and are being made to find working solutions.
  • Notification and Interaction
    Many Beacons Per Room
    Beacon Per Room
    Beacons Per Building
  • Healthcare
    By implementing the device tracking capabilities of Bluetooth beacons, secure, private in-home patient monitoring is possible. Using Bluetooth beacons, a person’s movements and activities can be tracked while in their home. Bluetooth beacons provide an excellent alternative to in-house cameras, due to their increased levels of security and privacy. Also, Bluetooth beacons can be used in hospitals or other workplaces to ensure workers meet certain standards.